1. Go Swimming with Pigs

When we think of The Bahamas the first thing that comes to our minds is swimming with the pigs. The world famous Swimming pigs have graced The Bahamas Island beaches. As the official home of the swimming pigs, visitors have a once in a lifetime experience to swim with and feed The Bahamas favorite four-legged residents. Watching those cuties wade through the water and approach the boats in anticipation was everything you would imagined and more. The pigs are very playful, sweet, and have an appetite. So it’s time to enjoy your swim with the pigs and make a new friend.

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2. Interact With Sea Turtles

Everything you have ever wanted to know about the sea turtles, You will get to see it here in the Spanish Wells. Sea turtles are among the cutest animals you will ever meet and It doesn’t come as a surprise that Sea turtles are always very happy to interact. They have existed for over 150 million years, Now That’s long enough to have seen the rise of dinosaurs. As you’ve probably already guessed, Sea turtles have adapted their bodies to live in the oceans. In fact, they spend about 96% of their lives at sea and they are easily spotted year round.

3. Reef Snorkeling

Snorkeling is a simple and fun activity that can easily be enjoyed by the whole family - children, parents and even grandparents ! Snorkeling allows anyone to have fun quickly and at no risk. There’s no need for hours of training before giving it a try. It’s instant fun from the very first time you get in the water! It isn’t necessary to dive deep underwater in order to admire the aquatic flora and fauna, You can start while staying on the surface. So, Lets get started "A thousand wonders await you" !

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4. Visits to the Sapphire Blue Hole :

A Beautiful sink hole in the middle of the forest. As the name gives it a way, The hole is sapphire blue in color. An awesome place to have a blast jumping in the water over and over again! A Beautiful blue salt water deep and clear. It is breathtaking and magical, This is one of those places you have to experience first hand to believe. Even if you don’t jump in, It is worth stopping to see ! But The water is so amazing that it will invite you to make the jump.

5. Trips to the World famous Sand Dollar Beach :

Sand dollar beach is only accessible by boat and is the most stunning beach you have ever seen. The very definition of paradise and The untouched beauty is as far as the eye could see! It a great place to take pictures and you can walk along the sand bars into the sea to go looking for the sand dollars and starfish. The beach is long and also great for a walk in either direction and because of the beautiful bahamian weather the beach is lovely and warm year round.

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6. Uncle Rob offers awesome cave adeventures :

Another famous Eleutherian cave is Preachers Cave. This is where Captain Sayles and his fellow travelers made camp and held their religious services. There is a stone plaque at the entrance of the cave which says "William Sayle ship wrecked at Devil's Backbone found refuge here. Sermons held 100 Years."

7. Cliff Jumping :

Feel like jumping off a high cliff into the ocean below ? Let us make your trip a little more adventurous and fun! Eleuthera has some amazing places to jump from the cliffs.

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8. Beach Picnics :

If you think that spending time at the beach is limited to just swimming, there's a lot more that you're missing out on! There are many fun things that you can do at the beach besides just going swimming. We can take you to a Great place to have a nice picnic at the beach with the wonderful water as the backdrop. Uncle Rob will offer you cold beverages and snacks.

Also, Do other activities like Write Messages in the Sand You can write them big or small, Say anything you want and then take a picture that will last forever. The beach is a great place for taking some beautiful photos. On top of that, those photos will be great memories to take home after the trip. Wander along with your digital camera, see what there is to see, and snap away. Like it is been said Anything at the beach is "Awesome"

9. Ocean swings :

Eleutheras ocean swings off Russell Island are a new jaw-dropping adventure in the Bahamas that you can only get to by boat because these swings are literally in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean all by themselves.

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10. Shipwreck Adventure :

There are two shipwrecks that you can snorkel or dive to, scattered over three hundred feet on the sea floor these two wrecks are beaming with marine life and crystal clear water there’s so much to see and so much to do with Uncle Rob.

11. Rope swing in a lagoon :

Have a Great time at the Rope swing. Lets go !!

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12. Feeding Stingrays :

The absolute highlight on the beach. The really huge stingrays. Come let's feed and take lots of pictures with your new Stingray friend.

13. The Old Tree :

The lone tree is a mystery in itself. The tree itself is no longer alive, although it's trunk is speculated to be over 50 years old!

Things to do in Eleuthera Bahamas

Founded in 1648, Eleuthera is a long and thin Bahamian Island known for its pink and white sand beaches. It is not only confined to beaches, but it is also famous for snorkelling, fishing, diving, etc. Thus, if you plan to visit Eleuthera Bahamas with your family and friends, you will surely experience a wide range of exciting things.

From coastal sunsets to beautiful beaches, magnificent sites, and different engaging activities such as scuba diving, cliff jumping, Eleuthera Bahamas has much more to offer! So here, we have mentioned Things to do in Eleuthera Bahamas for adventurous people who wish to explore this well-known Bahamian Island.

Exciting Things to do in Eleuthera Bahamas

Feed Green Sea Turtles: Spend your time interacting and feeding green sea turtles. Uncle Rob's Great Adventures will take you to a significant spot where these beautiful tropical creatures come right to you.

Swimming with Bahamian Pigs: If you are looking for Things to do in Eleuthera Bahamas, this is one of the most famous things. So, splash around with these cute little pigs where you can feed, interact and swim with them!

Cliff Jumping & Scuba Diving: If you love to do something thrilling, cliff jumping and scuba diving are meant for you. We take you to some fantastic spots to get your thirst quench.

Apart from these, you can also visit Sapphire Blue Hole, Sand Dollar Beach, Caves, or explore Shipwreck Adventure. You can also take part in various water activities such as jet-skiing, snorkeling, and scuba diving.

Experience Paradise Perfection in Eleuthera Bahamas

There are some spots on this tiny island that gives you the experience of paradise perfection that includes:

  • Gregory Town
  • Glass Window Bridge
  • Governor's Harbour
  • Harbour Island

So, if you want to make great memories and wish to explore amazing tropical sea life, and then get in touch with Uncle Rob's Great Adventures today.