Spanish Wells is one of the beautiful districts of the Bahamas.

Spanish Wells is a town on the island of St. George's Cay located off the northern tip of Eleuthera Island. Spanish Wells is extended by a bridge that links it to neighboring Russell Island, which is 5.8 km (3.6 mi) long and has become an integral part of the community.“Spanish Wells is the biggest fishing capital in the Bahamas “

Historically, The island was used as a last stop for Spanish ships returning to Europe, where these ships refilled their water supply from wells created for this purpose and that earned the settlement Its name as "Spanish Wells". The first British colonists were the Eleutheran adventurers from Bermuda (intending to be some of the first settlers of Eleuthera) who suffered shipwreck on a reef, known as the "Devil's Backbone" off Eleuthera in 1647. After living in a cave known as "Preacher's Cave" on Eleuthera, They ended up at Spanish Wells. Spanish Wells is one of the most popular centre for tourism in the Bahamas. This little pristine island is one of 700 islands that makes up the beautiful islands of the Bahamas, the sunrises on the eastern end of island is amazing and at the end of the day make sure that you venture down to the western end of the island to see the sunset words can’t describe it, breathtaking.